Frequently Asked Questions

Does ACCU-Print accept appointments?

ACCU-Print does not accept or require appointments, we accept walk-ins and are not closed for a lunch for your convenience. ACCU-Print Live Scan fingerprinting service is available five days per week, Mon-Thur 9am - 5pm and Friday 9am-4pm.  Please make sure you have your live scan request form printed with the middle applicant section completed. We strive to get our clients in and out quickly with very minimal wait. If you have no one ahead of you, the entire Live Scan fingerprinting process takes approx. five to ten minutes. 

Where is ACCU-Print located?

ACCU-Print is located at 3404 Bechelli ln, Ste B in Redding, CA. We are a half mile south of Bechelli and Hartnell intersection, west-side of the street in the business suites next to the Circle K convenience store. We are in the tan building in the back of the complex on the ground floor in suite B.

What do I need to bring to get my livescan done?

A valid drivers license/state ID card or passport, and your printed livescan form with the middle applicant section filled out. ACCU-Print does not provide the live scan request form. This is always provided to you by the agency who is requesting you to be fingerprinted.
For a list of accepted alternative identifications  please click the button below:


List of alternative ID's

What is the status of my background check?

The Applicant Background Check Status provides the applicant with a view of the fingerprint background check status; this status is not an indication of the employment or licensing status. The review of an applicant’s criminal history is only one piece of an agency’s process in making a suitable determination.
An applicant may otherwise request the status of their fingerprint background check only with the agency (employer/organization) that requested their background check. If an applicant’s fingerprints match fingerprints in the database, the associated RAP sheet must be reviewed by a technician. This is a manual process that can take an indeterminate amount of time. ACCU-Print does not receive the results of the background check.

Click the button below to check status. You will need your ATI number, located on your Live Scan Form, and Date of Birth to look up your status.
Background Check Status

What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

Live Scan fingerprinting starts with the process of rolling your fingerprints on the electronic scanner, then the fingerprints are submitted to the DOJ to conduct a criminal background check. Once the transaction is received by the DOJ, the fingerprint images are used to automatically search against all other fingerprint images in the fingerprint database. If there are no fingerprints matching the applicant’s fingerprints, the transaction is generally processed electronically without technician intervention within 48 to 72 hours. If an applicant’s fingerprints match fingerprints in the database, the associated RAP sheet must be reviewed by a technician. This is a manual process that can take an indeterminate amount of time. The applicant agency is automatically sent a delay notice response. Questions or status inquiries related to a delayed transaction cannot be responded to, as there is no pertinent information that can be statutorily provided until the manual review of the transaction is complete. The next communiqué the applicant agency will receive is the completed response.

How do I get a copy of my criminal history?

  • DOJ Record Review for the State of California. Individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the Department to review for accuracy and completeness. To receive a copy of  YOUR criminal history record, click the link below, print and fill out the middle section of the form and bring into ACCU-Print.
DOJ Record Review Form
  • FBI Record Review is the Federal level of service. Please visit the website below. You will complete the form and payment online. Then come into ACCU-Print for the fingerprinting process. Your results will be provided electronically.
FBI Record Review Online

My employer is asking for a copy of my criminal history
record. Can I give it to them?

No. California Penal Code section 11142 prohibits you from giving your
copy of your criminal record to an unauthorized third party. In addition,
California Penal Code section 11125 prohibits an individual or agency from
requiring you to provide him/her or the agency with a copy of your criminal
record or proof that a record does or does not exist. Violation of either of
these sections is a misdemeanor offense.
Record Review FAQ

What is the cost?

Our Rolling fee is just $15. We accept all forms of payment. Credit cards subject to processing fee. 
If there is no billing number on your Live Scan form you are responsible for the government fee. 
CA - DOJ and FBI Fees: Varies from $0 to $87 depending on the Application Type.
If you have any questions on specific pricing please feel free to call our office at 530-222-3442.

Does ACCU-Print offer mobile services?

ACCU-Print offers mobile service for your business seven days per week. Rates are determined by location, and number of clients to be fingerprinted. Please send us an email at  with your desired time, location and number of applicants to be fingerprinted.

Does ACCU-Print offer Invoicing?

ACCU-Print does offer professional, stream lined invoicing services to our business clients. We will generate one detailed invoice per month with all your applicants from the prior month; to make invoicing even more efficient we accept ACH payments and are also active on
Call 530-222-3442 to get your business started with us today!

How can my agency become authorized to receive background checks?

Please visit the Department of Justice website for complete and detailed information.
Click the link below to start the process of becoming an authorized agency.
Getting Authorized

Can I receive a copy of my background check results that my employer requested?

No, the results are sent to the requesting agency only. Please see above on how to request a copy of your own criminal history report.