ACCU-Print opened its doors in 2011.  We specialize in Live Scan fingerprinting. Dottie Alves, owner, has been a Certified Fingerprint Roller since January 2008.  Dottie was the original Private Provider of Live Scan Fingerprinting in Shasta County, prior to that the Sheriff and Police Station were the only Live Scan sites in Shasta County. Live Scan Fingerprinting is required by many companies, schools, agencies and churches for all new hires and volunteers. ACCU-Print has the lowest rolling fee in Shasta and surrounding counties at a great rolling fee rate of $15.00 for cash, check or debit.  We also accept credit cards, at a higher rolling fee rate of $18.00. In addition to the Rolling Fee the Client may also be responsible for the DOJ and FBI fees.  DOJ and FBI fees will vary depending on the background check required by the requesting agency.

ACCU-Print Live Scan fingerprinting service is available five days per week.  We strive to get our clients in and out quickly with very minimal wait. If you have no one ahead of you, the entire Live Scan fingerprinting process takes approx. five to ten minutes.  ACCU-Print does not require appointments, we accept walk-ins for your convenience.

ACCU-Print also offers mobile service for your business seven days per week. Rates are determined by location, and number of clients to be fingerprinted.

All prints are secure, and all completed Request for Live Scan forms will be contained in a locked file cabinet as required by the DOJ for the required timeframe and destroyed according to DOJ specifications.  ACCU-PRINT is subject to inspection by a DOJ representative at any time, to ensure security of information for all individuals who have been fingerprinted by ACCU-PRINT.